Ready to delivery for ASIA project

listo para entrega para un proyecto en Malasia.

Ready to delivery for ASIA project

Ready to delivery for ASIA project, Last delivery before close factory for summer vacation time, in that case we are speaking about:
1 unit. Hydraulic Spoon Hercules 500 lts capacity.
2 unit. Coarse screen Titan with 50 mm opening mesh.
2 unit. Scalator fine screen with 10 mm mesh.
1 unit. Pegasus fine screen with 6 mm opening mesh.
1 unit. Longitudinal grit and scum removal bridge 5 mts width and 1 unit. Scum skimer Scumpro 15 m3/h capacity.
All made in SS316 and Hercules Spoon made in CS, ready to delivery for ASIA project.

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