Vertical helicoidal conveyor screen TORNADO

Tamiz tornillo helicoidal vertical TORNADO

Vertical helicoidal conveyor screen TORNADO


The Vertical helicoidal conveyor screen TORNADO is combined equipment for the separation of solids in the waste water and their posterior compacting.

The solid material in suspension in the transporting liquid deposits itself in the screen blocking it and causing a raise in the upwards water level and a drop of the downwards water level.

At that moment the helix starts to work, cleans the screen, brings the material up, it dehy-drates it and it compacts it.

The equipment is composed of

-Filtering screen
-Transporting conveyor

The filtering screen is formed by a screen with mesh of 0.25 to 10 mm that retains the solids in suspension in the transporting liquid.

This screen is kept clean by means of the corresponding brush which is fixed to the exterior extreme part of the helix.

The screen can be of two types

-Johnson profile type screen between 0.25 and 10 mm-Perforated or triangular plate screen with holes between 3 and 10 mmThe transporting conveyor is formed by a helix without axis that allows the deposited solids to be raised.

The non axis conveyor allows extracting differently shaped and sized materials that in another way are difficult to transport.

The compacter, the own transporting helix serves to carry out the compacting – dehydrating of the screenings, with results of a volume reduction higher even than 50%


1.- totally automatic work, with possibility of rotation speed variation needs.
2.- Screened solids exit hopper, length according to application
3.- Screened solids compacting system, this system includes a compact-ing screen washing system, which avoids the screen to be clogged and eases the water exit.
4.- This screw zone is simply the transport of the screened solids, which are directed to the compacting head, the screw is hollow.
5.- Filtering screen, with possibilities of execution in Johnson profile be-tween 0.25 and 10 mm and in perforated or triangular plate screen with holes between 3 and 10 mm
6.- Helicoidal spiral with special design which has a anti wearing brush in-corporated, this is the one that carries out the screening of the solids.(NOTE: As optional we can incorporate a filtering screen washing system).

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