Trickling filter HAROD

Filtro percolador HAROD

Trickling filter HAROD

General Description

Main objective is to get an adequately water distribution on whole surface. Arms have been provided some outlet holes in order to assure this objective. It is low-cost, long-term, to sewage treatment if our clients are planned, designed, installed, operated and maintained properly.


According to client requirements there are some diameters supply flow. Double or triple chambers for major flow variations, and add a motor in order to have under control rotation speed. And controlling all process as well..

Work process

Trickling filters only require power for gearmotor and do not need large power-hungry aeration blowers like suspended growth systems such as Activated Sludge and Sequencing Batch


Maintenance is limited to the distributor arm and gearmotor. Diffusers, and associated electrical equipment and controls are not needed.
Less operator labor is needed to monitor, sample, and make adjustments to the process for the simpler trickling filter.

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