Thickening table ME

Mesa de espesamiento ME

Thickening table ME


The equipment Thickening table ME has been designed for the continued, mechanical thickening resulting from urban or industrial sludge.

It is simple and efficient technology which permit to reduces the volume of sludge of the treaty at least four times, among other characteristics, it has the low power consumption, is constructed of stainless steel and it can be said that is very easy their maintenance, operation and control.

Thickening table ME can be used to achieve final stage and increase the concentration of dry matter of sludge up to max. 8%, replacing static gravity thickeners or flotation systems.

It serves as a preliminary stage for dehydrating by pressing, if combined in line with a band filter, in order to optimize its performance and efficiency.

It is also used as a preliminary stage in the case of dehydration, before a plate press or a centrifuge filter, and it is possible to decreasing the size of the dewatering equipment.

On the other hand, it is used to decrease the volume of sludge in anaerobic digestion processes.


Thickener equipment Mini Omega table is provided with a frame constructed from stainless steel, a distribution sludge tank, thickening zone by gravity, the engine that produces the variable speed drive, the continuous washing fabrics system, pressing area, centering systems and automatic voltage fabrics, metal recovery filter, interior plumbing and electrical wiring. As an option there is electrical control box.


The type of thickener table should be selected according to the concentration of Dry Matter at the entrance of the process, the hydraulic sludge flow and the concentration of dry matter directed at the entrance.

The data indicated below is informative for a concentration of dry matter to the entrance from 5 to 10 g / l, and a concentration to the exit of 70 g / l.

These values can be changed according to other parameters such as a concentration of dry matter at the entrance above 10 g / l, or a concentration of dry matter at the exit dried below 50 g / l.

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