Surface aerator HURACAN

Turbina aireadora HURACAN

Surface aerator HURACAN


Engine drive group.

Base supporting plate ( According to standard measures)

Elongated axis (800 mm maximum)

Venting turbine


The O2 contributions, indicated in the attached sheet, are referred to normalized conditions,

Temperatures 20ºC
Dissolved oxygen 0.0 mg/liter
Clean water liquid
Pressure Atmos. 760 mm.c.m.

When selecting the ventilator, the application of a 0.7 security coefficient is recommended.

Tank measures

It is recommended a width-depth relationship between 1-1,2,2-1.

The maximum deepness without aspiration tube will be of 3 mts, and of 5 mts. with aspiration tube.

Necessary energy

The necessary energy in function of the tank’s capacity will be calculated in function of 0.015 kwm3 to 0.026 kw/m3.

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