Sludge thickener COTRAC

Trombel espesador de lodos COTRAC

Sludge thickener COTRAC


The ESTRUAGUA Sludge thickener COTRAC is built in stainless mesh AISI 304 of triangular section and parallel to the axis. The sludge that must be treated is introduced in the inside of the drum by a distribution box and a double conducting channel.


The filtered liquid crosses the holes while the purged dregs are brought to the exit of the debris by an internal helicoidal band.


The dryness and the productivity are a function of del incoming flow and the conditioning and type of sludge. The capture index of these is excellent.


The ESTRUAGUA thickeners are closed and compact.

All parts in direct contact with the effluent are in stainless steel or in plastic materials.


  • Diameter and length according to model
  • Mesh e=0.5 by the standard model
  • Other possible meshes
  • Internal helix


It was designed to have a good distribution of the effluent over the drum’s surface
It is constituted by an entry box and a little double drain channel that distributes the flow along two generators located under the drum axis.
This disposition allows a distribution of the sludge over a great filtering surface and a tangential filtration defect.


Consiste en dos rampas de lavado con pulverizadores a chorros planos y una canaleta de recuperación de las escurridas.


Modelo- model
Diamtro del tambor – drum diameter
Longitud del tambor- length of drum
Capacidad – capacity

This equipment are designed over the TSS flow.
ESTRUAGUA reserves its right to make the pertinent changes in its designs to maintain a continuous optimization of them. This document has no contractual value.

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