Sludge dewatering SCREWMAX-D

Espesador de lodo SCREWMAX-E

Sludge dewatering SCREWMAX-D

General Description

Usually, the sludge in waste water or drinking water treatment plants, after decanting and/or thickening, reaches the Screwmax: slow-speed sludge dewatering system. (patented)

These sludge, prior to enter the machine, must be mixed normally in a tank in order that the sludge is homogeneous and the floc is generated correctly.

The equipment can work by gravity or by pumping and operate if necessary 24 hours without any problem.

The equipment in its standard version is usually supplied are the following elements:
• Screwmax dewater
• Mix tank + sludge mixer
• Supports and water outlet tank
• Control panel

Screwmax offers an easy and simple maintenance operation due to its low speed and low installed power compared to conventional systems.

The screw press Screwmax are provided in the following sizes:
• Size 100 (Small capacity)
• Size 200 (Small capacity)
• Size 300 (Average capacity)
• Size 400 (Average capacity)
• Size 500 (Big capacit)

Likewise, each model can be installed if required and necessary, with a total of four equipment in parallel and installed on the same bench and solid collection channel.

The equipment has folding covers for protection and safety, and the machine can be supplied with an odour elimination system.

The SCREWMAX system complies with all stricter CE safety regulations. Monoblock system designed for easy and safe work and operation. This system offers many advantages over the traditional systems known to date, press filters, belt filters, centrifuges, etc … Its slow speed dehydrator shaft, together with its special filtration and
compaction body, offer dehydration guarantee performance of 20% +/- 2% in the outlet.


• Compact equipment made entirely in stainless steel SS 304 or 316
• Fully enclosed equipment with odour outlet conducted by pipe with flange
• Low installed power consumption
• Slow speed rotation axis
• Easy maintenance and operation equipment
• Very reduced water consumption
• Very low noisy equipment
• Washing nozzles (optional)
• Filter drum rotation system for washing (optional
• Dewatered water draining Hopper
• Dewatered sludge evacuation hopper
• Direct motor group


The SCREWMAX continuous sludge dehydrator is an equipment for the thickening and dehydration of sewage sludge from industrial and wastewater treatment plants. Compact equipment with great constructive advantages, in our .SCREWMAX. they do not exist,

> Belts that can break or wear out.
> Bearings that must be greased periodically and that end up spoiling..
> Systems of tightening of belts which entail delicate maintenance of the equipment and future breakdowns.
> Springs or drums that can wear out. Very high installed power, which leads to an increase in operating expenses.
> Motors with input speed at 3000 rpm and fast speed rotation axes.
> Limit switch that cannot act.
> Hydraulic groups with hydraulic components, which require specific maintenance and knowledge.
> Hydraulic hoses that can lose oil.

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