Skimmer concentrator SCUM PRO

Concentrador desnatador SCUM PRO

Skimmer concentrator SCUM PRO


Specially designed for the elimination of oil and scum in the surface of water.


Such treatment is recommended and sometimes, it imposes to numerous artisan businesses, restaurants, communities, etc. Normalized oil separators are built (or oil boxes), for flows from 20 to 30 lt/sec. This is also suitable for fecal treatments (WWTP)


These equipments are calculated for a retention time of 3 to 5 minutes and an ascension speed of 15 m/hr approximately.


It is indispensable to perform a cleanup regularly. Water temperature must be lower than 30 ºC at the exit of the tank.


These equipments are conceived so that heavy matters sedimentation is avoided, as possible. However, a deposit of easy cleaning, for sedimentation of the thicker matters, can be placed at the entry, with a retention time of about 1 to 3 minutes.

Description and characteristics

Frame.- Mono block type, built in stainless steel (or carbon steel) profiles constituted by two lateral structures, which support the transfer elements. Transversal beams complete the structure.


Connected to it, vertical supports are incorporated, which support and fasten the guide skates of de conductive chain of the scum sweeping blades. Built in stainless steel.


Cleaning blade.- nylon brush, assembled over a metallic profile, which is supported by two articulated arms. Built in stainless steel.


Discharge ramp.- of robust construction, and of easy anchorage to the concrete, it has incorporated reinforces at the back of it, in order to guarantee a correct scum evacuation . Built in stainless steel.


Chain and drive pinions.- cardan joint type, of anti oxidant construction and great load capacity.


Motive equipment.- constituted by an engine drive group. A motive axis powers a group of pinions, which gear with the lateral transporting chains, where the blades are hold.


Superficial scrapers.- Scrapers built in stainless steel plate, in which adjustable neoprene profiles are assembled, for a perfect adaptation to the tank laterals and to the drop off ramp.

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Skimmer concentrator con cuba SCUM PRO

Skimmer concentrator en obra SCUM PRO

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