Rotating disc filter ODYSSEUS

Rotating disc filter ODYSSEUS


The liquid enters a cylindrical horizontal axis chamber and exits by both sides, trough filtering mesh rotating discs, all in stainless steel.


The discs can separate solids as small as 30 microns, up until 350 microns, being easy to change the size of the mesh in site. The eliminated materials are automatically sent to the discharge mouths. The patented system is non clogging and with very low maintenance.

Drum speed

The drum may be driven by speed regulator to give the discs speeds from 2.4 to 12 r.p.m. . This way different flow may be worked with and change the dripping grade of the separated solids.

Variety in the size for a variety of needs

The rotating filters FRD-020 are made in different sizes, from the two disc model with a capacity of 16 m3/hour, to the 12 discs model with a capacity of up to 1032 m3/hour.

Wide range of applications

In the filtration of textile residuals, recovery of cellulose fibers, white waters filtration, fiber waste concentration, paper industries effluent filtration, leather production factories effluent filtration, sugar cane industry, recovery of fine PVC debris in the petrochemical industry, etc.

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