Flotadores rectangulares DAF HIDROFLOT



The ST HIDROFLOT rectangular floats are efficient devices that, through the dissolution of air in the fluid, achieve an effective separation and concentration of the solids of the treated fluid, with or without physical-chemical treatment.

The most common applications are

• Separation of proteins, fats and oils
• Waste separation
• Reduction of the COD / BOD of MES, and colloids
• Clarification and recovery of water
• Preparation for filtration systems
• Concentration and recovery of oils, proteins, fuels
• Concentration and thickening of sludge

Among many other applications, they are used to a large extent as

• Urban wastewater treatment
• Purification of industrial waters, slaughterhouses, textiles, food, hydrocarbons …
• Leachate plants
• Separators and concentrators in the food industry.
• Preparation of waters in recovery of waters and gray waters
• Separation in mining


All HIDROFLOT ST floats are composed of the following elements:


• Rectangular vessel completely built in STAINLESS STEEL, and reinforced to bear hydraulic and mechanical stresses, with geometry in the bottom for the collection of decanting, with level regulation system.

• A complete system for dragging floats, using a chain cardan which drives the blades in STAINLESS STEEL, driven by motor-gearbox 0.25 kW, plus area and deposit of sludge collection.

• A group of air solution with a pressure tank, for a perfect saturation of the water / air, and distribution of the mix inlets according to needs.

• A control panel for the float and those peripheral elements that affect it.


Optionally they can be supplied with:

• Coagulation / flocculation coil, with different materials according to fluid needs

• Complete coagulation and flocculation dosing system

• Service walkways for access to all vital elements of the float.

• Cover for upper float insulation to prevent odor outflow, with service and inspection records.

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