Pretreatment compact plant COMBI PRO

Planta compacta pretratamiento COMBI PRO

Pretreatment compact plant COMBI PRO


The first stage of the waste water treatment process, both urban as well as industrial, consist in a mechanical pretreatment of them.


In such pretreatment it is included:


• The elimination of solids (screening or separation)
• The grit elimination (grit removal)
• The elimination of grease (grease removal)


The Pretreatment compact plant COMBIPRO installations allow to carry out the above mentioned treatments in a single equipment and for flows up to 150 l/s (540 m3/h).


The waste water is introduced to the entry of the equipment trough a flange connected pipe.


The solids contained in the liquid are trapped in the screen and during their extraction a series of nozzles of great performance and power proceed to their washing to eliminate the most of the existing organics substances.


In the lower level of the screen the compacting/dehydration of the screenings is carried out with the obvious and significant reduction of their volume before they are discharged in a container or plastic bag designed for such purpose.. The liquid that travels trough the screen enters a hopper where, optimized by the introduction of air, the existing grit sediments. A conveyor takes care of its dehydration and discharges it into the container designed for this purpose.


In this same hopper, also optimized by the introduction of air, the process of the existing grease substances “flotation” is then carried out, and an appropriate device takes care of dehydrating them and discharges them in a container.


• Totally enclose structure;
• Screened solids washing;
• Extracted solids compacting/dehydration (screenings and sand);
• Screen cleaning helix and transport without central axis, built in special steel of grate resistance and superficial hardness;
• Metallic carpentry in stainless steel Aisi 304 or by clients request stainless Aisi 316.


• Complete pretreatment in a single unit, low investment and operation cost;
• Screened solids wash;
• Separate elimination of grit, grease and screenings;
• Secure performance and without design risks;
• Reduced operating and maintenance cost;
• No splashes or odors produced;
• Low installation and space expenses;
• Simple installation;
• Organic matter absence (or very low content) in the extracted solids;


Screen wash in stainless steel Aisi 304
Pipe washes in stainless steel Aisi 304
Anti freezing isolation
Discharge module Anti freezing isolation
Screen with special drilling
Engine protection

Metallic carpentry in stainless Aisi 316.
Helix in stainless steel Aisi 304 or Aisi 316.

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