Perforated fine screen PEGASUS PRO

Tamiz filtrante perforado PEGASUS PRO

Perforated fine screen PEGASUS PRO


The Perforated fine screen PEGASUS PRO i s an evolution of our self-cleaning sieve filter PEGASUS. This new equipment replaces the filter elements in longitudinal section through perforated section, thereby increasing the efficiency of solid removal since its filtering screen is perforated.

Perforated fine screen PEGASUS PRO in MBR installation, light 3.00mm



Sieve filter PEGASUS PRO in compact metallic drawer

The equipment is easy to install since it has basically three parts: the equipment as such, the protective caps, and the support brackets or fixing to the civil work. Also, the equipment may be designed totally enclosed in order to remove odors with easily removable covers.


  • Robust welded body or chassis
  • Solid cleaning by means of rotary brush with direct drive gear motor.
  • Drive filtering grid by direct drive gear motor
  • Washing filter grid by means of pressurized water
  • Working tilt from 45 to 80 º
  • Made of stainless steel 304, 316, duplex, superduplex, etc …
  • Channel width up to 3500 mm and total lengths up to 15000 mm
  • Drilling from 2.00 mm

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