Modular purification plant MBRPACK

Modular purification plant MBRPACK

Modular purification plant MBRPACK


Following research and development Estruagua introduces new system BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT DC – MBR (Compact Wastewater Treatment based in membrane Bioreactor).


This new division line equipment is based in compact (container based sytems) based upon activated sludge technology with high retention from organic material in membranes.


It has been designed to fullfill requirements from small population municipalities, isolated urban developments, golf courses, hotels, mountain shelters, providing efluent with enough quality to allow reuse.


Features and benefits from this technology are:

– Standard and compact MBR design plants minimizing manufacturing costs
– Designed in self contained closed container makes transportation very easy around the world.
– Efluent output high quality is achieved following international standarized parameters allowing usage of recycled water for irrigation or urban cleaning.
– Very short lead / delivery time as industrial construction methods in factory(based in “plug and play” sub-systems).
– Low operation cost is achieved as equipment is operated under automated control system (no human operation required).
– Technology available for sewage water and biodegradable industrial wastewater.
– Minimal layout plot required as compact system design (3-4 times less space required).


In single volumen, compartimental self-container chamber are provided so to perform all operations required in treatment process:
– Fine solids removal
– Degrease and Degrit
– Biological reactor
– Membranes chamber
– Dosing units
– Mechanical chamber

The mechanical chamber is integrated inside the container and will include all electromechanical equipment required to operate the Compact MBR correctly and efficiently.


Estruagua provides equipment ranges from 10 up to 500 m3/day.

All these are self-enclosed in standard (20 feet, 40 feet, and its High Cube versions) transport containers.

Constructive materials ranges from AISI 304 – 316, considering average urban effluent parameters. In case for industrial effluent, customized analysis will be performed.

Each MBR include anoxic, aerated and membrane grit chambers.

Dry chamber is included in MBR Container so to install all electromechanical equipment and control cabinets.

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