Manual screen HANDRAKE

Manual screen HANDRAKE


The Manual screen HANDRAKE is used in channels with reduced flows and dimensions, but can also be applied in channels with a considerable scope whereby protection screening will take place. (Slots between 100 & 150 mm).

The recommended working inclination is 65 º and can reach 75 º.

Main characteristics

Screen – built with a rectangular profile and joined together at the upper and lower parts at each side for anchorage. Horizontal handrails are incorporated for site implantation and a bended plate is incorporated in the lower part which easily adjusts to the required measurements. (Optional screens with triangular and perforated profile)


Solids collecting basket – made totally out of Stainless Steel (Aisi 304 or 316 quality), perforated bottom and incorporated handles for manipulation.

Manual rake – tubular handle of 1.200 mm length (standard) and built in Stainless Steel Aisi 304 or 316 quality (Standard thickness 300 mm)

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