Longitudinal bridge floating and bottom

Puente longitudinal rascador de flotantes y fondo LONGSLUDGE

Longitudinal bridge floating and bottom scraper LONGSLUDGE


It consists in an alternative sweepings mechanism built in a rectangular tank, in the superior part of the lateral walls of the tank one to each wheels are installed (Red Band), over them a metallic bridge is displaced, under it and jointly with it, arms are located to sweep the surface and bottom (floating sweep and sludge).


The car’s displacement is accomplished by an electric drive engine that transmits the movement to an axis that joins the two motor moving wheels, located one in each car, the transmission of movement is performed by axis + wheel + engine, transmitting a final speed under 5cm/seg.=3mts/min, to the car.

Operation Cycle

1. Manual (Only one trip).
2. Manual (Continuous).
3. Temporized.


The car is transferred in opposite direction to the flow, when it reaches the opposite end, a road end installed in that end acts over the drive reversing its operation, hence the direction of the trip of the car, at the same time, some mechanic bumps free the cleaning arms, allowing their descent. Once these operations are achieved, the car starts its trip, in inverse direction this time.


Having accomplished the descending trip, the sweeping plate pushes the scum inside the weir, at the same time as a mechanic system raises the arms holding them in this position, other electro mechanical end of road placed in this end, disconnects the powering, stopping the system.


The system will be protected against tension excess.

The sweeping bridge has the following elements:

Bridge built in A/42-b carbon steel laminated profiles, the main constructive shape of the machine. In both ends tracking cars are located, built in A/42-b carbon steel laminated profiles. The wheels for the transportation of the assembly are built in these cars.


Walkway installed over the bridge, allows the access to any point of it. It will be built in galvanized framework.


Handrail placed around the bridge as protection, built in tubular A/42-b carbon steel profiles, it will be open at the end corresponding to the bridge, complemented with one or more steps according to the distance between the walkway and the floor.


Sweeping arms built in tubular profiles and A/42-b plated carbon steel or stainless steel of AISI-304 or 316 quality, with its corresponding reinforcements, bumps and other components for its accurate operation.

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