Hydraulic spillway screen EAGLE

Tamiz aliviadero hidráulico EAGLE

Hydraulic spillway screen EAGLE


Floating material retention in sewage structures.


The pollution of superficial water resources, by the combination of the sewerage system and in part also by storm water tanks, consists of solids which are present in the residual water. This includes a wide variety of dissolved and semi dissolved fibers and solid substances, with different structures and specific weights (plastic shreds, sanitary towels, diapers, preservatives, fecal matter, paper, etc.).


The growing restoration of the natural water resources to their natural state makes essential to avoid the flow of floating materials in the future.


The construction of submerged walls in the sewerage structural stops only a part of the floating solids, because the considerable speed of the flow tends to increase with the short space that there normally is between the submerged walls; this speed increase promotes the flow of solid material.


Continuous basin-tanks can only perform their duty in a limited grade, because of the great volume of water and the ever increasing proportion of light materials.


Retention basin and channels have the inconvenience that the combined un treated water is poured into the river’s flow once they are full.


A combination of tank-screen or tank-spillway screen is the best way to solve this situation. In this concept, the retention of the highly contaminated flow is the main duty of the tanks. In the other side, the screen will eliminate light substances, floating and solid, that would contaminate the area.


Estruagua EAGLE -Spillway screens


ESTRUAGUA is specialized in the fabrication and development of spillway screens for sewerage structures.


For many years, we have been collaborating with professional experts of the sector of the water resources, and therefore, have gained much experience and references, both at national as international levels.

Estruagua EAGLE -Spillway screens have the following characteristics

– Great performance reliability
– Automatic mechanical cleaning
– Length wise cleaning of the screen, in ht e sense of the flow
– Long lasting cleaning elements
– Low maintenance requirements
– Corrosion resistant design
– Compact design of great resistance
– Strong construction
– Maximum spillway height 2.000 mm.
– Maximum spillway length 10.000 mm.
– Narrow spaces between bars (4 mm.)
– Different working positions horizontal and vertical
– Controlled handling of the spillway screen material
– Function automatic / temporized / level
– Minimum screen pass between 3.00 mm.
– The material of the spillway screen is transported to a pre defined location during the event of a storm.


That is why:


– It prevents any increase of solids in the incoming zone
– It insures that the spillway screen stays clean even after the event and does not need manual cleaning

Main Characteristics: Design Characteristics

ESTRUAGUA EAGLE –Spillway screens- are designed in a modular system. They consist in a variety of elements that can be put together to obtain the best type of spillway screen for each particular application. The strong structure sustains the screen’s screen, the cleaning lane with the pile of brushes and the hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder.

The screen of the spillway screen is built to pre-tension narrow bars of the screen. The crossing section of the small bar insures the optimum use of the screen area, low resistance of the screen and high flow capacity.

The standard interval of the bar is 4 mm, this way all the undesirable floating materials are retained.

One or more clearing lanes are arranged in the sewerage depending on the length of the screen. These travel in guides by the screen surface.

The brushes, which are set on the cleaning lane fit in the screen’s screen, supporting and guiding the bars of the screen’s screen. The set of brushes therefore replaces the rigid transversal elements that are not desirable en a water cleaning system.

The cleaning of the screen is normally activated by level.

The mechanism is normally hydraulic.

Possible applications

  • Spillway in WWTP entries
  • Spillway in store water tanks
  • Spillway in pumping station
  • Spillway in water leveling tanks
  • Spillway in paper mills
  • Spillway in chemical industries
  • Spillway in dairy farms
  • Spillway in bottling plants
  • Spillway in leather factories
  • Spillway in canned products factories
  • Etc..

Construction materials

  • Frame (SS. Aisi-340 or SS. Aisi-316)
  • Filtering screen (SS. Aisi 340 or SS. Aisi-316)
  • Filtering screens cleaning elements UHMWPS anti wearing
  • Level regulation elements (SS. Aisi-340 or SS. Aisi-316)


In our spillway screens there are not:


  • Pinions in contact with water
  • Chains that will break or rust
  • Circular cleaning brushes that will wear out
  • Submerged rolling
  • Engine driving gears pinion+chain
  • Drilled filtering screens that will clog in short time
  • Mechanical torque switches

Dimensions and performance

The ESTRUAGUA EAGLE –Spillway-screen- may be adapted to the structure in which it is installed and also to the capacity of the required flow


– Length: Between 1,0 . 10,0 m
– Width or height: 0,4 . 1,2 m
– Capacity: 200 . 5000 l/s
– running charge: 400 V, 1,5 . 3 KW

Operational objective and maintenance

The ESTRUAGUA EAGLE .spillway-screen is typified by its strong structure.


When the material in the screen starts to get stuck, the failure is arranged repeating the operation. A change of special valve in the mechanism unit controls the movement of the cleaning lane.


Limiting switches are not necessary. The unit of the hydraulic mechanism may be installed out of the area of the screen.


Only two hydraulic lines get to the interior of the wetted chamber.


During the operation there is a continuous cleaning. It does not require support in the screen area.


The material of the spillway-screen is deviated and scratched in the last positions. The pre controlled transport of the screen material can be made to a pre defined location.


An emergency spillway is supplied.


The ESTRUAGUA EAGLE . Spillway-screen requires very little maintenance.

After a storm, the screen is very clean so a manual cleaning is needless.

A monthly superfluous revision or checking after an exceptional rain is enough.


The entire design complies with the corrosion protection directive (CEE).


  • It avoids the necessity of making a big water retention investment.
  • It avoids unnecessary contamination of the water receptor bodies
  • It is safe and reliable to operate.
  • It is strong (very resistant).
  • Low maintenance.
  • Little space between bars (4 mm).
  • Transport the material caught from the entry zone.
  • Materials 316L. o 304L.

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