Hydraulic sludge sweeper PANERA

Barredor de lodos hidráulico PANERA

Hydraulic sludge sweeper PANERA




This low profile of the scraper minimizes the total clarifying depth and Works form below of the layer of sludge to eliminate the solids form the tank.


The sludge elimination scraper system BLH-009 is designed to eliminate sludge of rectangular or square clarifiers with flat or inclined tanks. The system provides both operational reliability and process advantages if we compare it other sludge eliminating systems.


In the Hydraulic sludge sweeper PANERA system, the mobile sludge scraper is welded assembly that stands over the HDPE sliding strips that are anchored to the tank’s floor. A hydraulic piston (or electrical system for smaller applications) conducts the assembly ahead and back again in a reciprocate movement. The patented scraping scraper is designed hydrodinamicaly with a concave face and a convex part in the back for a more effective elimination of the sludge front wards and less disturbance in the return movement. The return velocity of the scrapping screens is two to three times faster than their movement front wards, thus minimizing the turbidity of the settled sludge.


The Hydraulic sludge sweeper PANERA system has tremendous design flexibility and can be configured to push or attract the sediment layer in relation to the place of conduction and elevation. It moves the sludge continuously for higher filtration efficiency. One single hydraulic unit may conduct multiple units.


The Hydraulic sludge sweeper PANERA system can be used with many kind of sludge that has a dry solids content of 0.5%to 8.0%. It is compatible with many tank concrete floor configurations, even were the lower parts are inclined to one side or have minor irregularities. It can replace defective systems or with worn out chains, and it is ideal to low depth tanks and to make design actualizations.


The Hydraulic sludge sweeper PANERA can be applied to industrial biological secondary clarification, water clearing, process water and raw water clarification, as well as for municipal biological applications, preclarification, primary and secondary pre-sedimentation clarification, and sedimentation tanks.


Superior flexibility and functioning, plus low maintenance.

The concave scraper may create an influence zone in the sludge covering three times the height of the actual scrapper while it pushes the sludge until the end of the discharge of the tank.


During the return movement, the oblique angle of the convex back part of the scraper’s scraper allows the scraper to slide under the layer without interrupting the sedimentation process. The speed of the return movement is at least double of the go movement. The length of the movement is always higher than the hollow between the scrappers so that no sludge is left behind during the scraper’s cycle.


The ability of working in diluted sludge applications or when the residual volume is minimum is another example of the flexibility of the system.


The Hydraulic sludge sweeper PANERA system is the most efficient scraper and has been installed with success in a Wide variety of sedimentation systems. The ability of the system to work both in continuous or non continuous timing allows it to satisfy a great variety of applications. It is the only sludge elimination system that gives the 100% of the floor covering without the necessity of putting walls between the scrapers to conduct and direct.

Hydraulic sludge sweeper PANERA   EASY TO INSTALL AND MANTAIN

The design and construction of the Hydraulic sludge sweeper PANERA system has been made of the less possible complicated way to ease its installation and minimize maintenance. The typical Hydraulic sludge sweeper PANERA unit has only 4 mobile parts at the length of the water surface. The limited number of mobile parts to which they are subjected insures reliability, and low maintenance. There is relatively low friction between the scrappers of the Hydraulic sludge sweeper PANERA and the bottom of the tank where the scrappers work over guiding HDPE frames. Al submerged materials are stainless steel with the exception off the sliding and transport strips in the union points of the assembly conduction arm.

The minimum energy requirements and low hydraulic pressure create a sensitive functioning and a long life economical service.


The patented scraper design gives strength and performance. The concave side and the convex extreme of the profile of the scrapper scrappers represent the best hydrodynamic design and optimize the performance with different kinds of sludge at different speeds.


This increases the volume of sludge that can be moved while it minimizes the disturbances in the sedimentation process.


The scrapers stay in longitudinal guides made of HDPE that keeps the wearing out of the scrappers at a minimum.

The strips are easily adjusted to the bottom of the tank. Special adhesives are used in their installation in steel tanks.


The design f the Hydraulic sludge sweeper PANERA is compatible with many tank surfaces. Even bottoms that are side inclined or have longitudinal depressions may fit with success with this flexible scrapper. Nevertheless, an adequate surface level is required for badly finished constructions or surfacing rocks.


The Hydraulic sludge sweeper PANERA system can adapt easily to tanks with variable width and is installed normally in tanks with existing obstruction such as supporting columns. The screen is installed with a simple cut where the column is.

Hydraulic sludge sweeper PANERA EASY TO INSTALL

The already existing tanks do not normally require a modification before installing the Hydraulic sludge sweeper PANERA system. Depending on the walkways, the form of the tank, the location of the hydraulic unit and other considerations, the conduction mechanism may be installed at the end of the most suitable tank.

The hydraulic unit does not have to be installed near the cylinder. Multiple units may function from a single hydraulic energy unit.


The Hydraulic sludge sweeper PANERA system can be used with many kind of sludge that has a dry solids content of 0.5%to 8.0%.


  • Less moving parts
  • Low maintenance
  • Continuo sludge movement
  • No interruption of the sedimentation process
  • Reliable performance
  • Easy to fit into existing thanks
  • Thickens the sludge while it works


In rectangular sedimentation tanks in municipal waste water treatment plants, potabilizacion plants and waste water plants.
This low profile system fits easily under the inclined system of lamellar plates.

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