Hydraulic pincer AQUILLES

Pinza Hidraulica AQUILLES

Hydraulic pincer AQUILLES


All the models have the same basic construction and can be supplied with the same special characteristics, such as:

  • Wider or narrower grid
  • Greater working depth
  • Two speed motor for movement and elevation
  • Manufactured in stainless steel

The hoist is built in two profiles UPN and covered with a layer of steel. This way a profile is obtained wherby the cart is suspended with the grid. The advantage of having a loose grid is that it can clean screens of any width or height. The variable length of the hoist permits the positionning of the deposit anywhere. The following measures have been taken in order to fulfil the current levels of required noise:

  • Nylon guide strips on the grid
  • Low noise elevation motor
  • Low noise hydraulic pump

In situations where additional requirements are to be fulfilled, the cart can be introduced in a completely soundproofed compartment


Estruagua has supplied more than 300 units and installed more than 500 worldwide.

We can modestly say that ESTRUAGUA has considerable knowledge and experience in the supply and installation of of HYDRAULIC  PINCERS.

These cleaning grids can be found in many places with unwanted flotation or with suspended matter.


A grid is placed in the channel. A chain block is placed on the grid, supported by columns.

A construction made up of a cart and a loose grid, moves along the chain block.

The grid is manufactured in a way that the grids bars fall between the screens bars when it descends, in order to extract any matter blocked. When it reaches the bottom of the screen, the grid closes hydraulically and then goes up to the highest part with the matter.

The grid moves along the chain block to the tipping area.


The cleaner can work in a completely automatic manner, controlled by the water level difference by means of electronic sensors. It is also possible manual drive or with a timer.


The grid will be completely clean from top to bottom.

The chain block can have bends, enabling it to reach any area of the tip

There is the possibility of emptying directly onto in the chain block, container or tip.

The open construction and lack of intermediate transport reduces the space required and dirty areas.

Large obstacles are eliminated, such as mattresses, tree trunks and roots.

Permanent absence of submerged parts.

Freeze proof

Does not require transporting belts.

One unit is enough to work with various filtering grids

The PLC control permits completely automatic and versatile working.


  • Drainage stations
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Desalination plants
  • Storm tanks
  • Industry

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