Hydraulic compactor HUDSON

Compactador hidráulico HUDSON

Hydraulic compactor HUDSON


Constituted by two independent elements, but forming a functioning unit, for which electrical feeding needs to be added.


Due the pressing element is of longitudinal displacement, it can compact without problems bottles, wood, etc…


The reduction of the volume that is achieved oscillates between 50 and 75 %, with water and odor elimination in the final waste.


As standard accessories, the hydraulic compactor has incorporated the following elements,


  • Central oleo hydraulic with, Oil deposit, with special inside and outside treatment.
  • Restricting and of automatic reversal valve.
  • Glycerin manometer.
  • Level control viewer with thermometer.
  • Aspiration and return filter.
  • Flexible connections between central and cylinder.
  • Oleo hydraulic cylinder Iso 6020/2 effect..


And as accessories, Electric resistance in central.

  • No return special piece.
  • Picking hopper. (depending on project)
  • Transportation piping. (depending on project)

General characteristics

Body.- of special design in stainless steel of Aisi-304 or 316 quality, diameter depending on model and transportation capacity, incorporated drainage zone, optional counterweight depending application.


Evacuation piping.- longitudinal section, built in stainless steel of Aisi-304 or 316 quality. (optional)


Solids pickup Hopper.- built in stainless steel of Aisi-304 or 316 quality, 400 mm wide , 400 mm length and 400 mm height standard dimensions.


Powering.- electrical engine incorporated in hydraulic central, Ip-55minimum protection, F isolation.

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