Helicoidal spillway screen HURRICANE

Tamiz aliviadero helicoidal HURRICANE

Helicoidal spillway screen HURRICANE


The Screens spillway which its function is to separate the solids present in the water to be treated in a timely manner because its function occur in emergencies situations letting pass the water through it and holding the captured solids with the clear path of light according to the design.(Normally between 3 and 6 mm).

We can found these equipment at the entrances of wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, etc …

Its manufacture becomes from carbon steel, stainless steel AISI 304, 316, duplex, super duplex, etc ….

Flow rates from a minimum of 20 m3 / h and minimum diameters of 160 mm thread.

General description

Constituted by,

  • Engine drive group.
  • Base supporting plate ( According to standard measures)
  • Elongated axis (800 mm maximum)
  • Venting turbine


The O2 contributions, indicated in the attached sheet, are referred to normalized conditions,


  • Temperatures 20ºC
  • Dissolved oxygen 0.0 mg/liter
  • Clean water liquid
  • Pressure Atmos. 760 mm.c.m.


When selecting the ventilator, the application of a 0.7 security coefficient is recommended.

Tank measures

It is recommended a width-depth relationship between 1-1,2,2-1.

The maximum deepness without aspiration tube will be of 3 mts, and of 5 mts. with aspiration tube

Necessary energy

The necessary energy in function of the tank’s capacity will be calculated in function of 0.015 kwm3 to 0.026 kw/m3.

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