Helicoidal screw conveyor BUFFALO

Sinfín transportador helicoidal BUFFALO

Helicoidal screw conveyor BUFFALO


The collected solids are conducted up to the income hopper, entering the first draining zone. In this zone, the container water is separated and the wastes are conducted to their evacuation zone.


Sfh endless carriers have the following elements incorporated as standard,


– Legs ground support.
– Upper protective lids and withered armed.
– Income hopper.
– Water evacuation piping.

Regarding applications, we can say such equipments are feasible and of correct operation in installations such as,

– Waste water stations.
– Urban water stations.
– Pumping and collector stations.
– Irrigation stations.
– Paper and paste factories.
– Agricultural industry.
– Food (agro-food) industries.
– Chemical industries.
– Incineration installations.
– Etc…


The endless carriers are the solution for the transportation of a great diversity of products,

– Muddy materials, semi-fluids, viscous, etc…
– Fibrous products, etc…
– Irregular material or that tends to form vaults, etc…


The endless carriers without nucleus differentiate from the classical screw carriers in,

First.- The endless carrier is a spiral without axis. Built in stainless steel of Aisi 304 or 316 quality, of strong thickener and robust.

Second.- the spiral conception without central axis, permits the endless carrier to have greater transportation capacity.

Third.- the behavior with fibrous material or which tend to agglutinate and to transport products of very variable granulometry, is very favorable because no element slows down the advance of the products and advance they can be filled without danger of blockage.

Fourth.- the endless carriers can work “pushing” or “pulling”.

Fifth.- installations with endless carriers are very compact and occupy very reduced space.

Sixth.- Supplementing the spiral allows to increase the working inclination, as well as increasing the rigidity of the endless carrier in big lengths.


General characteristics

Channel.- Of special design, completely built in stainless steel of Aisi 304 or 316 quality. It has some pleats in the upper part in order to give position to the protective lids. Surrounding it, reinforces are introduced in U shape to guarantee the correct operation of such equipment.


Income mouth.- design and dimensions according to needs. Built in stainless steel of Aisi 304 or 316 quality.


Protective lids.- located in the upper part of the transportation channel, longitudinal section. They have incorporated withered arms for their extraction. Built in stainless steel of Aisi 304 or 316 quality.


Carrier bed.- Anti wearing polyethylene Hd-1000. , curved section.


Equipment support legs.- directly welded to the transportation channel, the transportation, as well as the distribution, quantity and position of assemblage will be according with the implementation. Built in stainless steel of Aisi 304 or 316 quality.


Helicoidal screw.- Built in stainless steel of Aisi 304 or 316 quality. It has correctly coupled brushes directly welded to it, which will have the precise diameter to make the precise cleaning of the draining zone located in the transportation channel.


Motor equipment.- Composed by an engine drive group that by means of a direct transmission powers the main axis in which the helicoidal screw is fastened. Built in laminated stainless steel profiles of Aisi 304 or 316 quality.

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