Helicoidal compactor HELICOMPACT ®

Compactador helicoidal HELICOMPACT ®

Helicoidal compactor HELICOMPACT ®


Specially designed for the compacting and dripping of the debris incoming from separation, automatic screens, step screens, rotating drums, etc….


Constituted by two independent elements, but forming a single functioning unit, which requires electric feed.


Due that the pressing element is of helicoidal movement, it can compact without problems bottles, wood, etc, providing these are not of a mayor size than the diameter of the screw or its pass.


The compacting of volume achieved is between 50 to 70% with the elimination of water and odors in the final disposal.


As optional accessories we can say the helicoidal compacter may incorporate the following elements,


– Control panel
– Electrical torque switch
– Civil works anchoring plugs
– Compacted solids impulsion pipe
– Exit zone pipe with CONE
– Hopper to charge solids

Main characteristics

Body.- Of special design in stainless steel Aisi-304 or 316 quality, diameter according to model and transporting capacity, dripping zone incorporated, and optional counterweight according to application.


Exiting pipe.- Lengthwise section, built in stainless steel Aisi-304 or 316 quality (optional)


Solid reception hopper.- Built in stainless steel Aisi-304 or 316 quality, standard dimensions 400 mm wide, 400 mm length, 400 mm height.


Helicoidal screw Normally in cemented steel f-1515, under command in stainless steel Aisi-304 or 316 quality.


Drive.- Electric motor reducer of direct coupling, minimum protection IP-55, F isolation.

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