Gravity sludge thickener PACIFIC

Espesador circular de lodos PACIFIC

Gravity sludge thickener PACIFIC


Gravity sludge thickener PACIFIC is used for the solid concentration of decanted solids and clarification of liquids.

It primarily consists in a tank (generally concrete) of circular plant with troco-conical bottom sloping into this tank. On this tank used to assemble mechanical equipment to the sludge collecting .

The raw water are powered by the upper part to the power cylinder situated in the center and at the top, and at the top part, it is almost completely submerged. This cylinder has the task of eliminating possible turbulence in the flow of the fluid input and provides a downward direction.

The decanted sludge to the bottom of this equipment and are snaps into the cone from which will be evacuated. Already clarified water from and remains of solids, overflows the rubbish dump (sawtooth 90º) to a collection channel to continue the relevant process.


– Static Gateway.
– Vertical axis and sweeping arms.
– Motor Group.
– Sweeper sludge pit.
– Central Campana supply.
– Spillway.

General characteristics

Walkway.- Fixed diametrically support throughout the whole thickener. Built from rolled steel or civil site, rails and embedded net, is implanted in the enclosure walls.

Vertical axis and barrido.- Suspended arms control head and solidarity with her, built in tubular profile with corresponding flanges and stiffeners, sweeping blades welded to the arms, neoprene plates with are bolted to the blade reinforcement, construction set that computer will become hot dipped galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel.

Powertrain – Central drive consists of a gearmotor that directly attacks the main shaft. Must be equipped with a torque limiting device for protection against overload.
The equipment is designed to minimize mechanical and aerodynamic noise source, the operation may also be continuous or sequential.

Sludge sweeper.- Fixed at the bottom of the vertical shaft by screws, used to hole cleaning sludge and is built from laminated plates and profiles with corresponding reinforcements, carbon steel construction hot galvanized or stainless steel.

Central supply hood – Mounted on the metalic waltway or ciwil work by threaded rods, wrapping the vertical center axis, which is submerged in the liquid almost completely. It is built in hot galvanized carbon steel or stainless steel.

Spillway – Located on top part of the peripheral canal from clarified water collection, built from aluminum or stainless steel, with sawtooth notches in order to facilitate regulation, attachment is effected directly to structures.

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