Circular degritter VORTEX PRO

Desarenador circular VORTEX PRO

Circular degritter VORTEX PRO



Continuous Operation

1. Influent enters the cicular settling chamber through intel chanel
2. The stream decelerantes and all particulate with a SG1 tends to settle toward the upper setting tank bottom
3. A slowly rotating impeller creates a vortex zone which acts only on the lower debsity particles, spiraling the upward to the chamber outlet
4. The denser grit particles settle further into the lower grit chamber to settle on the bottom

Cyclic Operation


Fluidizing Air Line
1. On a timed start, an air blower starts and injects a high velocity air stream into the Lower settling zone to fluidize the setted grit and break up any lumps.
2. A three way valve diverts the ait stream into a second line which feeds air into the bottom of the extraction pipe. The bubbles rise rapidly through buoyancy, inducing suction from the bottom and of the pipe.

The cycle pumping cycle continuse until it times out.
3. The cycle repeats every few hours, depending on the grit loading.


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