Circular decanting suction bridge LODON SUCTION

Puente de succión circular LODON SUCTION

Circular decanting suction bridge LODON SUCTION


Pheripherical Management . It works in mechanical way of solids and floating particles.

Description and Characteristics

Walkway. Radial Walkway based in ending side (to central pivot) and other side to drive trolley. Built in steel plate box type and tube profiles, used as a handrail, too. Metallic galvanized in order to walking on.


Drive Trolley. It is located at the ending walkay and it is composed with a gearmotor and two wheels, one driving and the other one driven. Wheels type red-band, supported by bearings balls.


Central Pivot. Articulated set where it is based one ending of the walkway. Rotation through large diameter bearing, designed to resist those forces that could be caused small irregularities of the enclosure. Incorporates rings collector for engine power supply.


Central Diffuser. Welded sheet steel built. It helps to assure water has an uniform distribution in all area.


Bottom Scrappers. Rubber Scrappers joined to a steel plate with a teeth design. They are joined to suction tubes.


Suction Tubes. These ones working as a bottom scrappers support. These ones sliding from area bottom sludges and go up into sludge gutter.


Sludge Channel. Built in steel plate, which has a target to collect suctioned sludges and to send these ones through gutter siphon. This Sludge Channel is supported by nuts. Included chisels in order to get an adequate inlet control sludge.


Siphon. Item whereby sludge is moved from sludge gutter to concrete circular gutter.


Vacuum Pump. Its function is to create vaccum into siphon. Installed at lader walkway and connected into upper side of siphon.


Scum Carrying System. Composed by surface Brushing Scrapper, designed to move scum up to pheripheric area, where an arm puts scum into a hopper.


Sludge Collecting Hopper. Installed on pheripheric area and achoraged at civil work. It is supplied in two versions, external or submerged.Built in steel plate.

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