Central drive circular bridge LODON CENTRAL

Puente circular accionamiento central LODON CENTRAL

Central drive circular bridge LODON CENTRAL


The walkway

The walkway consists of the following independent elements:

Lateral handrails in tubular profiles.
Central supports pivoting anchoring dragging scrapper.
Central pivot support opposite end.
Central screen pass: hot dip galvanized Tramex.
Extreme motor drive anchoring.
Decanter access stair (optional)


Built according to the mono block system, it is only necessary its in site anchoring, because of that the introduction of four awning poles has been anticipated.

It has a brush collector incorporated for the feeding of the peripheral motion motor drive .

The connection is made by fixed boxes placed in such pivot.

The rolling cushions have RS protection, and must be greased once a year.


In the manufacturing program, two types can be mentioned:

Discontinuous (fishbone)
Continuous (ascending band)

Both systems have nylon wheels, with stainless steel axis for their sliding across the bottom of the tank.

The mud sweeping scrappers are of Neoprene, and adjustable for its fitting, so the gum wearing down is compensated.

End constructed according to the project.

Any of the circular bridges may be equipped for its collocation as primary decanter.

The collector of floating scum consists of three fundamental elements

1. Water level dragging plate.
2. Floating scum pick up.
3. Filling shovel.


Hanged in the bridge walkway, it is height adjustable.



Built in steel plate, it is supplied for its anchorage in site and with scum outside exit tube. 200 mm diameter standard tube.


Placed at the end of the bridge walkway, it takes charge of the ELECATION of scum up to the pickup board.

Precisely along with the scum it drags most part of water which serves of vehicle for them. With this we avoid clogging in the outside exit tube.

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