Central circular degritter ATLANTA

Central circular degritter ATLANTA


Equipment specially designed for the removal, transportation, evacuation and dehydration the grits located in a pretreatment wastewater treatment plant, submarine outlet or in a pumping station.


The Sand Separator equipment is installed in a circular tank and supporter of technical or metal gateway, located at the top.


At the end we can find a Spiral Classifier of sands which transports y dehydrates the sands to a container or storage element.


Parts or elements,

  • Gateway support,
  • Degritter equipment,
  • Grit Classifier.

The equipment has the gums sweepers which sweep from the inside to the outside of the decanted sand.


The Degritter equipment can be adjusted in height in the mount stage through regulatory boards located in the motor reducing drive.


The Speed Grit Classifier can usually modify the same variable mode if required.


The drive power of the Central Circular Degritter given its low output revolution in the motor reducting witch is very low consumption, the attack to the central axis in standard execution directly avoiding chains and sprockets with a high degree of maintenance.


A central circular degritter are usually made of stainless steel AISI-304 or AISI-316, however can be designed in carbon steel with terminated by paint or galvanized.

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