Bivalve grab HERCULES

Cuchara bivalva electrohidráulica HERCULES

Bivalve grab HERCULES


Valves.– two of special design and great robustness, built with electro welded plates in carbon steel of A/42-b quality, provided inside with reinforcements.


Amphibian.– the body and structure are built in electrically welded laminated steel plate. Inside it contains the oil storing deposit, electric engine, all the components and valves.

In the upper part the housing of the toric joint is mechanized and is covered with a lid in which a rubber joints system is installed, which warrantees the fastening of the electrical cable and the total sealing. The spoon is submergible up to a 25 mts depth.


Auto press.– powering will be electro hydraulic by means of a hydraulic cylinders in inclined position that exteriorly act over the valves, exercising a pressing action over the material container inside the valves.


Electric engine.– 1.500 r.p.m., 220/380 V, 50 Hz, Ip-55 protection, class F isolation. (Siemens or similar).


Hydraulic cylinders.– two special of reinforced design, double effect, rear damping, submergible, rectified and plated stems.


Hydraulic cylinders’ protections.– such protections are incorporated in their pistons, with the purpose of protecting them from any deformation or breakage, the construction will be in carbon steel of A/42-b quality.


Maximum pressure.– 150 Bars.


Closing– opening maneuver.- by means of electro valve, double 24 V magnet, Dc 4 ways, 3 positions, center By-pass.


Hydraulic oil.- Hydraulic 225, or similar included.


Aspiration filter.– 90 micron.


Oil deposit.– provided with air filter of 40 micron, filled cap, level indicator and magnetic elements for the retention of sediments and magnetic particles.


Superficial treatment.– Sprayed with grade Sa 2 ½ sand, two layers of tar epoxy 125 microns each, and a layer of two hempel components 125 micron finishing . (Depending on the offer).


Working position.– Vertical, with a maximum inclination of 45 º.


Drainage orifices.– Almond shaped holes are made in the middle-inferior part of the valves, which will make a fast drain of the water contained inside the spoon easier, before pouring the solid material where it corresponds.


Brush.– built in high resistance steel pushed close to a valve to perform the clearing of the solids manual screen. (Optional)


Hydraulic bomb.– High pressure gearing.


Tests and essays.- Vacuum functioning during 48 uninterrupted hours before expedition, dimensional control, leakage pressure and temperature.

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