Basket conveyor screen BASKET PRO

Tamiz tornillo cesta BASKET PRO

Basket conveyor screen BASKET PRO


As the first element of the mechanical pre treatment , the separation equipment has a key importance in the purifying process, either in a waste water treatment plant as for example in the treatment of process water.


The objective consists in achieving the maximum grade of separation under the hydraulic conditioning. In waste water treatment plants it is often demanded the devolution of the soluble matter to the flow of water in order to incorporate that organic substrate into the biological stage.


The hygiene in the functioning, the reliability in the operation and the lower possible maintenance are other considerations that have a higher importance each day.


The BASKETPRO works according to a singular system , that performs the functions of screening, washing, extraction , dehydrate, and pressing into one single equipment.


Depending on the screen mesh (0.5 to 5 mm) and of the equipment’s size, different quantities of flows may be screened.


The BASKETPRO is built in stainless steel.


The equipment may be installed in a channel, as well as in a compact stainless steel tank. The BASKETPRO is able to accomplish a screening of waste or process waters with minimum meshes directly in the channel, without the need of pumping.


The BASKETPRO is installed with a 35° inclination, either in a container or directly into the water channel. The water enters a drum frontally and travels trough the wedge profiled screen, retaining in the mesh the scum, sedimentable and floating solids. Due to the formation of a layer of residuals, an additional filtering effect is produced carried out by the rejection layer. The specific pattern of the wedge profile screen insures that the solids are retained in the lower part of the drum, without stocking the mesh.


When a certain difference in water levels is reached, the auto washing system is started. The drum starts to spin, transporting the screenings to the upper part and making them fall by means of pressurized water and a brush installed in its interior or a hopper located in the center of the extraction pipe.


At this point, the screening washing system takes care of extracting the soluble solids of the separated material and reincorporates them into the flow of screened water. The extraction conveyor transports, dehydrates, compact the screenings and deposits them into a container, tank, basket, etc…. . The reached dryness levels in the screenings are up to 40 % DM.


1.- Great separation capacity

2.- Minimum loss of charge

3.- Complete stainless steel equipment

4.- Obligated flow

5.- Multiple function

6- Posterior expansions

7.- Very low maintenance

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