Band screen PREDATOR

Band screen PREDATOR


Specially made for the screening of water in deep channels or in variable level flows. It holds screenings of sizes between 0.98 and 9.60 mm.


Monobloc type construction that allows it to exit the factory fully tested and assembled.

Description and characteristics

– Modular filtering panels. Made of steel frames were the stainless steel filtering screen is fixed and has a useful mesh according to the filtering demand, being its substitution quite easy in the event of deterioration.

– Main wheels: Made in steel plate.

– Motor group. Composed by: engine reducer, main axis and tensing plates.

– Dragging chains: They are transporting chains with a rod system that is geared with the main wheels. Built with galvanized steel mesh, axis and caskets in stainless steel and rods with synthetic material anti wearing.

– Axis: The rod that joins the two main wheels. Built in steel.

– Filtering screen washing system: The cleaning of the mesh is made by pressurized water. The washing water exits trough a series of sprinklers set along a pipe located inside the filter. The incidence of the water is from the inside to the outside.

– Screenings pickup hopper: It collects the screening that comes out of the mesh by means of the pressurized water. Built totally in steel plate.

– Closing system: The filtering panels are provided at their extreme of a galvanized steel plate to achieve a lock to the pass of solids between the panels and the guides, all of it according to the demands of the filtering.

– Guides: Made with laminated steel profiles, they secure the perfect functioning of the filter. The chain’s rods travel trough their interior.

– Control equipment: Loss of load due to variable flow automatic working system and timed maneuver to avoid possible stuck ups due to lack of periodic work.

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