Automatic chain screen TITAN

Reja automática a cadena TITAN

Automatic chain screen TITAN


The objective of screening, amongst others, is to separate and to protect the station or process of the possible unseasonable arrival of large objects, to separate and evacuate easily the voluminous matters, etc.


The operation, generally discontinuous, of the clearing device, can be powered by means of an electric temporized adjustable clock, or better, by a differential charge loss indicator.


The combination of both systems can also be used.


This equipment is recommended for screening equipment with continuous and automatic cleaning which are installed in waterways of great depth and in which it is not possible to install, for this reason, the alternative type (DA-011, of our manufacturing).


Cleaning is executed by means of a brush that detaches and transports the solid waste deposited in the screen, lifting and discharging it in the upper part towards a container, transporting band, endless screw, hydraulic compactor, etc.


As many as needed, cleaning brushes, may be installed. They are determined accordingly to the quantity of solids that pass by the waterway.


The chain is powered by one to each jagged wheels, it slips over rollers in its respective guides, which maintains it centered and dynamically stable. The maintenance consists simply in its periodical lubrication, in the upper part it has a tensor to adjust perfectly to the chain.

Integral Parts

One may say that the chain screen TITAN is a simple equipment that we will break down in the following elements,


  • Constructive chassis.
  • Filtering screen and cleaning brush
  • Chain
  • Electric board

Constructive chassis

Completely manufactured in galvanized carbon steel (standard), it constitutes the support of all the set, forming a fixed structure of metallic profiles, it has the mission to anchor the screen to the waterway and guide the cleaning brushes through its interior.

Screening racks

The gratings are constructed in rectangular profiles, from 10 mm, to 100 mm, in stainless steel material of AISI 304 or 316 quality.

Cleaning brush

The brush is built in stainless steel material of AISI 304 or 316 quality, the jags are manufactured in an independent piece, which makes its replacement easier in case of wearing.


The chain is supplied in carbon steel, stainless steel of AISI 304 or 316 quality.

Electric board

It is constituted by a cabinet (Himel). In its interior the electric elements which powers the cleaning mechanism are incorporated, and in which are situated,


– A function selector, automatic, stop, manual.
– A starting button and a stop button
– A scheduled timed clock
– A pilot for motion control
– A pilot for control of thermal shot
– A general power switch
– A pilot for web indication


The electric board is protected by an access key to command, which guarantees the handling of the screen only by authorized personnel.


All equipment is manufactured under CE regulations, so its components can be easily found in the national market.

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