Drinking water

Solutions to potable water treatment


– Penstocks and weirs
– Automatic cable screen
– Automatic chain screen
– Hydraulic automatic screen
– Circular automatic screen
– Selfcleaning filtering screen
– Filtering screen self cleaning perforated
– Rotative drum
– Helicoidal screw screen
– Basket helicoidal screw screen
– Hydroyec static screen
– Longitudinal degritter bridge
– Circular degritter with scrapers
– Circular degritter vortex
– Helicoidal grit classifier
– Hydraulic grit classifier
– Helicoidal sand washer
– Helicoidal washer compacter of solids
– Hydraulic compacter of solids
– Helicoidal screw conveyor
– Helicoidal screw compacting
– Pretreatment compact plant
– Circular decanter bridge
– Longitudinal decanter bridge
– Central drive circular bridge
– Hydraulic sludge sweeper
– Circular clariflocculator

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