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After sales service

With the purpose of all our customers and machines Will be properly cared, we have a Technical Support System, TSS, responsable for preventive maintenance, repair, spare parts supply, to assure the plantis always in the best working conditions.


Estamos convencidos de poder ser utiles en todas aquellas cuestiones o necesidades que estimen convenientes.

Por eso disponemos de un servicio técnico que se encarga tanto de mantenimiento preventivo y reparación como de suministro de piezas de repuesto, para que su planta se encuentre siempre en las mejores condiciones de funcionamiento.

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Technical service

For Estruagua, our most valuable assets are our customers and their satisfaction is the goal on which all our efforts are focused


Our range of services starts with the supply of Installation, Operating and Maintenance Manuals for each machine (assembly and transport of the equipment, installation, testing, start-up, and operation) and training of the operators. 


A team of engineers and technicians (from our representing agents and partners in every country and own personnel) are responsibe to provide telephone support in every phase mentioned above and this is complemented with support on site all around the world, carried out directly by specialised and experienced technicians to supervise the assembly, testing and maintenance of the supplied equipment.


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